It All Started with Mojo

Meet the dog behind America’s favorite CBD brand. Mojo is my child of the four-footed variety, my constant shadow and loving companion. I’m Mojo’s mom and founder of Furry Faces Holistic CBD. 

Watching Mojo struggle with cancerous tumors, skin allergies, and a funny tummy broke my heart. His health challenges were significant, including ACL replacement surgery and a gastrointestinal disorder. My vivacious, spirited boy was lethargic and deteriorating before my very eyes. His radiant light was dimming. 

Traditional routes only take you so far. I knew there had to be a better way to ease Mojo’s pain, elevate his quality of life – even eradicate his illnesses. I thought about my own path of healing and recovery with CBD and I instantly knew Mojo would benefit from this natural superfood.

Today, at Fantastic 14, Mojo is cancer-free, his tummy functions fabulously, and his vitality defies his years. He has a pep in his step and a wiggle in his wag. All because of the creation of Furry Faces Total Balance CBD. Along with a nutritious, all-natural diet, CBD helped rewrite Mojo’s story.

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Our mission is to help every pet and owner create more time, more memories and more love.

Your pet improves your life. We want to help you theirs!

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