CO2 Extraction Process

What is CO2 extraction?
CO2 extraction is an extraction procedure that uses
pressurized CO2 to extract phytochemicals, such as CBD,
CBG, terpenes or flavonoids from hemp plant.
At certain temperatures and pressures, CO2 acts as a
solvent, separating these phytochemicals from the rest of
their source plant. This extraction method is the most
expensive plant extraction technique and is commonly
considered to be the gold standard creating the most reliable
and safest CBD products.

Here at Furry Faces Holistic. We use advanced subcritical
and supercritical CO2 extraction method for all our products.
Making sure your pet has a complete range of cannabinoids,
terpenes ,fatty acids, and other beneficial phytonutrients.

CO2 extraction methods also allow our products to be a more
potent blend and requires no harsh chemical solvents. Our
pets bodies even produce CO2 when they breathe.


Furry Faces Holistic is one of America’s top trailblazing
companies in the Pet CBD industry. Our founder has utilized
the 20 years of experience in Advanced Biochemistry and Veterinary Medicine to create a Full Spectrum Premium CBD
product to heal and bring wellness to all your precious Furry
Family members.

Meet Mojo our ambassador and the reason why Furry Faces
Holistic was created. Mojo has been the heart and soul of my
life. Like many pet owners our pet’s have brought us through
some of the darkest times. Mojo was my rock for many years
through a traumatic accident that left me with intense pain.
Mojo and CBD was my salvation. Mojo laid in bed with me
while injured, he was there for my first steps and was my
constant cheerleader every step of the way in my recovery. If
CBD worked to bring my body back into balance and turned
back the hands of time for my body. He deserved the same.
Mojo now being 14 has been taking Furry Faces Total
Balance for many years and is on no pharmaceutical
medication. Furry Faces has helped him beat cancer twice,
helped him recover quickly from major surgery and kept his
old dog arthritis and pain away. Allowing him and I to
continue having a full active life! So we are able to create
more memories, more time and more love!